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Email is probably the most underused, and most reliable, feature of the internet. “Mail 2 Me” makes sending emails to yourself meaningful, configurable, and powerful.

When you send yourself a lot of emails, and in a hurry, it is often difficult to remember the context.  By automagically embedding the location coordinates, map bookmarks, and location name (from Foursquare©) “Mail 2 Me” also doubles as a location bookmark app.


  • Easy, yet powerful interface.
  • Launch ‘Mail 2 Me’, type your thought or reminder, and send.
  • Automatic (configurable) inclusion of location data, enables easy location bookmarking.
  • Automatic insertion of location name from Foursquare© database.
  • Option to choose location from nearest locations.
  • Configurable subject prefix for easy filtering in mail client.

Usage Ideas

  • Pre-configure personal email address, as well as Evernote©. Great way to keep a powerful archive of notes
  • Pre-configure subject prefix. Enables easy filtering of these emails in email client.
  • Save location bookmarks by sending an email with location coordinates and location name.

Author’s Notes

  • I’ve  been sending myself emails for years, and most have gotten lost in time.  The only way I could find emails sent to me were filters like “in:all from:me”.  Very inefficient.  
  • The native location bookmark mechanism is also not the best, and frankly a bit cumbersome.  I lost a lot of valuable location bookmarks.  So for a more stable archival, I started emailing location coordinates to me as well. 
  • What really complicated things was my need to send these emails to more than one location.  I was sending them to my regular inbox, so I’d see stuff whenever I check my email, but also to evernote.  Evernote gave me  a fully synced (offline notebooks on iOS devices) collection of my self-emails, available to me all the time.
  • I also used to send emails to myself during meetings.  It was my note taking mechanism.  Why didn’t I use evernote?  Too many steps to launch a new note and then type in it. I’m also nervous about relying on anything non-native with data that just can’t be lost. Therefore I used to fire up the mail client, start typing in it, and then shoot the mail out to myself. But the process of having to type my email address in, every time, was a bit troubling.  And there was always the possibility of sending the email to someone else (bad selection on auto-fill suggestions).  I even did that a few times.
  • To solve all of the above problems I investigated the app store, and came across quite a few.  But neither one of them did all of the above seamlessly.  And therefore I decided to write this app. This baby starts up real quick.  I don’t have to worry about entering my email address, and then my mail-to-evernote address.  They’re there pre-configured.  I quickly click on the “Add Location” button, and the coordinates are not just embedded in the email, but links are created which launch Google Maps, Google Maps for iOS, and Apple Maps for iOS.  This gem even pulls venue names from foursquare, and lets me choose one.  Not like evernote which conveniently adds some random name from the location, if note is created from within the mobile app.
  • I hope you wille enjoy this app as much as I do.  If you’re looking for new features, or if something doesn’t work as you wish it did, email me.  I’m here to listen to you.