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Complete Wazeefa for you

Listening and reciting the verses and words from the divine revelation polishes your soul, elevates your spirituality and helps you through your worldly affairs. Currently, there are nine Wazeefas on the list which includes Surah Al-Fatiha, Surah Kausar, the four ‘Qul’, and three life-changing duas. Not only will this Wazeefa purify your soul and body but it will remove all the hardships in your life.

What it offers!

  • It also allows the user to view the clearly visible text of the Holy Quran in Arabic with the literal translations in English and Urdu.
  • Not in the mood for recitation? No problem! This application provides you to hear the rhythmic recitation of selected chapters and duas from the Holy Quran without having your daily routine disrupted.
  • You can scroll through the index and choose any one of the Wazeefas you wish to hear with an option of repetition.


  • Select and start the Wazeefa you wish to perform
  • Configure the counter for the number of times you wish to perform the Wazeefa
  • Keep track of unfinished Wazeefas for purposes of completion at a later time
  • Mute the recitation and read the text
  • A user friendly UI for displaying counter and timer information
  • Share application or its static content with friends

The simplest way to listen to selected chapters and verses from the Holy Quran with a press of a button on your iPod, iPad or iPhone, is now available by Soft Density’s Wazeefa app.