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WeMet Pro is a simple yet highly efficient application that does one thing only. WeMet Pro makes it unbelievably simple to send your contact information and save your new contact’s information in your own address book in one step. Actually that sounds like more than one thing.


• You meet someone
• You want to exchange contact information
• You click on the WeMet Pro icon on your iphone
• WeMet Pro launches instantaneously and you see a simple form.
• You enter your new contact’s name and phone number.
• You click on “Save new contact and send my profile”.
• You click on the SMS send confirmation.
• You put your phone back in your pocket.

Your friend receives an SMS which with your pre-configured contact information and a new contact with their information is stored in your own address book.

FEATURES: (Pro) features are available in the WeMet Pro version only.

Your own profile fields:

  • Name
  • Mobile Phone
  • Home Phone (Pro)
  • Work Phone
  • Email Address
  • Birthday (Pro)

Your new contact fields:

  • Name
  • Mobile Phone
  • Home Phone (Pro)
  • Work Phone
  • Email
  • Birthday (Pro)
  • Attach Photo to Contact (Pro)

Additional Information saved in contact:

  • Automatic Timestamping of contact (Pro)
  • GPS Location of interaction (Pro)
  • GPS Location can be copy pasted into Maps

Modes for sending profile:

  • SMS
  • Email (Pro)
  • SMS to multiple numbers (Pro)
  • Email to multiple addresses (Pro)


  • Save new contact and send your profile
  • Save new contact only
  • Send your profile only

Additional Features:

  • Quickly send your profile to existing contacts (Pro)
  • Detailed help
  • Feedback directly from the application
  • Bug reporting directly from the application (And yes. We read the emails)