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The beneficial dua app for you 
Ya Allah is a dua app that has numerous invocations that you can recite and listen to whenever and wherever you want. It has a collection of the most authentic duas from the Holy Quran that can guarantee you the peace, serenity and solutions to all of your problems.

All the duas you will ever need
Are you depressed, trying to repent or looking for guidance and you don’t know what to do and who to talk to? There is no one in the world who will sincerely answer your prayers than the Almighty God. But you don’t know which dua to recite? Not to worry anymore when you have Ya Allah, the dua app that you had been searching for all this time.

What dua to recite when? 
Ya Allah offers you different packages of duas that you are in need according to your situation. These duas will surely provide you inner satisfaction and prevent you from many ailments. Ask Almighty Allah for pardon and His blessings from the Istighfar packages. For forgiveness and help you can pick any dua from the Repentance and Guidance package. If you want your duas fulfilled and to obtain patience recite the invocations from the Acceptance and Patience package.

Easy as ABC and 123
Every dua in this app is written in Arabic text with its transliteration in Roman Arabic, translation in English along with the context of the dua from the Holy Quran. All these beneficial duas have been easy to read and listen to like alphabets and numbers!

Audio, Visual Text, Repetition and much more! 
Ya Allah offers its users the ease to recite the invocation. But wait, that’s not it! This app has the benefit of the listening to the audio of the dua if you don’t want to read it. You can repeat the duas as many times you want, bookmark and resume listening to them whenever you want.


  • A collection of 40 duas everyone is in need of
  • Every dua in Arabic and English available in just one click
  • Bookmark a dua and resume playing with ease
  • Tell a friend about any dua in an email or note

All you need to do is recite the exact invocation and let out whatever is in your heart because, “Allah is closer to him (human) than his jugular vein”. (Surah: 50, Verse: 16)